Dental Implants

Dental Implant Restorations in Bellflower

Lost teeth complicate your ability to eat and speak, but you can visit our practice to receive one of the most effective replacements for missing teeth. Samir T. Ayoub Dental Corporation offers dental implants in Bellflower, Downey, Lakewood, Cerritos, La Palma, and Long Beach. Schedule a consultation today to see if this treatment is right for you.

Placing your Implants

The core of the dental implant is the implant post, a titanium rod that serves as an artificial tooth root after fusing to the jaw bone. The post provides the support that makes dental implants one of the most resilient replacements for lost teeth. As such, the post is the first portion of the implant to be added to the smile.

Our dentist can surgically place implants in some cases and will coordinate care with an oral surgeon when necessary for the most effective care. He places standard implants with an eye for the comfort of his patients; he also places mini implants to provide this restorative care for patients who do not have the adequate bone density for standard implants. After either procedure, Dr. Ayoub monitors your healing period to make sure the posts integrate into the jaw effectively.

Adding the Restoration

Once the posts have fused to the jaw, the dental implant restoration can be added to complete your restorative treatment. Dr. Ayoub partners with a dental lab to fabricate these restorations, allowing them to be made of resilient materials that match the appearance of naturally healthy teeth. Once we are sure that the prosthetic will fit comfortably within the smile, the implant restoration is added to serve as your visible teeth.

The restorations themselves are often similar to several traditional restorations. A crown can be made to fit on a dental implant for restoring a lost tooth. Fixed porcelain bridges can replace several missing teeth by attaching to multiple dental implants. If an entire arch of teeth has been lost, then removable overdentures can be supported by dental implants for a secure solution.

All-on-Four Concept

The all-on-four treatment concept is a type of implant placement procedure wherein four posts are added to the jaw strategically to maximize their surface area contact with the jaw bone. This process allows edentulous patients to restore their entire smile with minimal surgical care. Dr. Ayoub can use this treatment concept to restore your smile thoroughly.

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Samir T. Ayoub Dental Corporation provides dental implants near Bellflower. From placement to restoration, our dentist helps you restore your oral health when teeth are lost. For more information about implants and other restorative dental procedures, call our practice today!

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