Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatments in Bellflower, CA

Tooth decay is a common dental ailment, which must be treated thoroughly for proper dental care. Our dentist can remedy decay, even if it has reached a tooth’s internal system. Samir T. Ayoub Dental Corporation offers root canal therapy in Bellflower, Downey, Lakewood, Cerritos, La Palma, and Long Beach. Schedule your next appointment with us for your root canal needs.

How Root Canals Help You

Teeth are composed of three layers that react differently to tooth decay: enamel on the outside, the pulp on the inside, and the dentin in the middle. The enamel and dentin can survive decay once your dentist removes decay and restores the tooth’s structure with a filling or crown. Additionally, increasing your fluoride exposure can make the enamel more resistant to future decay. The innermost layer, however, is not as resilient, which is why root canal therapy is such an important part of dental care.

Once decay reaches this bundle of nerves and blood vessels inside your tooth, the pulp will not survive the infection. Even if the portion of the pulp that was originally infected were removed, the remaining tissue is frail enough that long-term survival is not likely. Allowing an infected pulp to stay only encourages the continued decay and eventual loss of your tooth.

Root canal therapy saves a tooth from decay and loss by removing the entire pulp from the tooth. Secondary blood vessels allow the tooth to survive without its pulp, and an internal seal within the emptied pulp chamber safeguards the restored tooth from future internal decay.

What to Expect when Having a Root Canal

Our dentist has the experience and training necessary to conduct root canal therapy in a safe, relaxing manner. The quality and comfort of your care are a top priority for Dr. Ayoub, and he makes sure you receive that level of treatment.

After helping you feel more comfortable with the procedure, Dr. Ayoub begins the root canal treatment by creating a pathway to the pulp. Then, he uses specialized tools to carefully clean out the pulp chamber, making sure no infected tissue remains that would cause further decay. The next step is to use the biocompatible sealing material to fill the chamber, which will prevent recurrent decay and support the tooth’s structure from the inside. The final step of root canal therapy is to add a crown to the tooth, further preserving the tooth.

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