Do I need a mouthguard?

Posted by BELLFLOWER COSMETIC DENTISTRY on Oct 16 2019, 03:30 AM

Do I need a mouthguard?

Protecting the teeth from external trauma is just as important as taking care of oral hygiene and appearance. Especially, if you’re a sportsperson, you stand a higher risk of getting injured in the mouth due to the extreme physical work that you involve in. To save your teeth from possible damage, it is advisable to get yourself a custom sports mouthguard. It is a worthy investment that could save you from a whole lot of pain and complications. Dr. Ayoub suggests his patients use a custom mouthguard for teeth protection.

When can a mouthguard be used?

Athletes train day and night to get better at their game. It would be great if their effort is complemented with the use of a mouthguard to protect their teeth and soft tissues in the mouth from injury. Athletes who play sports such as boxing, basketball, hockey, martial arts, rugby, soccer, snowboarding, biking, cycling, surfing, wrestling, track and field events, etc. would find great use of a mouthguard.

Patients who are diagnosed with night-time bruxism can also find great use of a mouthguard. Such patients end up subconsciously grinding their teeth during their sleep, which can wear the teeth down to their stubs. This also increases the sensitivity of the teeth as the enamel tends to wear off and expose the nerve endings in the teeth, thereby giving rise to hypersensitivity. Such patients can benefit from a night-time bruxism mouthguard.

What are the types of mouthguards?

  • Pre-made mouthguard: It is a standard-sized mouthguard that is more or less like ‘one size fits all’. Though it does the job of protecting your teeth from harm, not everyone who use it find it entirely comfortable to wear.
  • Boil-and-bite:It is similar to a pre-made mouthguard and is available in most sports stores. It, again, is available in a standard size and almost anyone can use it.
  • Customized mouthguards: Customized mouthguards are the best ones and are largely preferred by sportspersons. They are fabricated by a professional dentist after taking precise measurements and molds of the teeth. Dental grade plastic material is used for the purpose and its strong nature protects the teeth from injury.

How should you care for the mouthguard?

A mouthguard must be cared for properly to keep it in its pristine functional state. Some of the things you can do are as follows:

  • Store it in a safe place, preferably in a hard case or box.
  • While wearing it, do not chew on it, which otherwise could alter its shape and cause discomfort.
  • Clean it after every use. We recommend you use a soft bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste to clean it.
  • Always keep it away from hot temperatures, such as leaving it in hot water or in the sun.
  • Get it replaced if you feel it has deformed over the course of use. Consult your dentist for this.

Consult with Dr. Ayoub at Samir T. Ayoub Dental Group to get your very own customized mouthguard that would offer perfect fit, comfort, and protection. Call our office at (562) 925-2223 or request an appointment with us online. 

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