10 Foods Bad for Your Teeth

Posted by BELLFLOWER COSMETIC DENTISTRY on May 26 2020, 04:56 AM

10 Foods Bad for Your Teeth

The food you eat can affect your teeth in lots of ways, like causing wear and tear, discoloration, etc. In order to thrive, the bacteria living in the mouth has to burn sugar. They form acid as the byproduct. This acid has the power to dissolve your tooth enamel and also lead to cavities. Let us have a look at the list of the foods that are bad for your teeth:


These yummy buttery puffy bits can lodge between your teeth and promote the growth of bacteria. The crunchy kernels and the sharp hulls can chip your tooth and even cut gums.

Hard Candy

Hard candies stay in the mouth for a long time, delivering that sugary taste. They have no health benefits; instead, they can lead to dental emergencies like cracked teeth and cuts in the mouth.

Citrus Fruits

Don't ever suck on lemons. When you do that, you are bathing your teeth in acid, which is very harmful. Foods high in acid like limes, lemons, and tomatoes can cause tooth decay when eaten alone. Even though they have nutritional value when prepared with a meal, so you can definitely enjoy them, but don't forget to rinse your mouth with water after eating them.

Soft Drinks

Syrupy beverages like sodas and sports drinks are very bad for teeth, especially if you sip for a long time. Avoid having diet sodas too, as they just lack sugar, not acidity.


Alcohol can decrease the production of saliva, which causes dry mouth.

Starchy Food 

Starchy foods like potato chips, corn chips, and white bread can get stuck between teeth, feeding bacteria and causing plaque.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are considered to more nutritious than processed fruit snacks, but they are sticky and also high in sugar. Remember brushing and flossing your teeth after eating them.

Peanut Butter and Jam

Peanut butter and jam are sticky and loaded with sugar, so remember to rinse your mouth immediately.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea can discolor your smile and are sweetened to make your teeth sticky. Why not shift onto drinking plenty of good water?

Oh, Yeah! Ice

Do not chew ice, as it can leave your teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency like have a cracked tooth.

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