What to Expect in a Children's Dental Appointment

Posted by BELLFLOWER COSMETIC DENTISTRY on Sep 4 2017, 11:33 AM

What to Expect in a Children's Dental Appointment

Dr. Ayoub is known for providing effective dental care for adults. However, our practice also provides dental care for children around three years old or older, so long as they are mature enough to see a general dentist and do not have health concerns requiring the care of a pediatric dentistry specialist. If you choose to bring your child to our Bellflower dentist for their dental care, there are certain things you can expect from that appointment.

Establishing Enough Time

Children who have never been to the dentist before, or who had only seen a pediatric dentist during previous appointments, can easily become uncomfortable at a new practice. It is important to give them time to adjust to seeing a new dentist.

We establish enough time for the appointment to occur so that your child can grow used to the experience of seeing a dentist. We are also very gentle in our administration of dental treatments to help foster a greater sense of comfort at our practice. Just as with any other patient, the comfort of a child during an appointment is a critical element to a successful dental visit, and our staff makes sure your child stays comfortable throughout their appointment.

An Educational, Fun Time

An important part of helping any patient, let alone children, feel comfortable at the dentist is to explain the nature of and need for each dental procedure.

To help your child understand the particulars behind their dental appointment, Dr. Ayoub and our hygienists use a show and tell technique to describe what is being done for their dental health. We show them the tools we use and give them funny names to help the child understand what they do through calming language. We also are selective in our choice of tools to maximize their comfort throughout an appointment.

Child-Focused Procedures

In addition to our unique approach to pediatric care, we provide dental care that specifically relates to the health of children: pulpotomies, stainless steel crowns, topical fluoride applications, and sealants. A pulpotomy is like a root canal in that it treats internal tooth decay, but the procedure is specifically meant for baby teeth. Crowns restore decayed teeth, and stainless steel is the material of choice for restoring a baby tooth. Fluoride, a mineral, and sealants, which are plastic coatings, protect teeth from the development of tooth decay.

Contact Us for Your Child’s Next Appointment

Samir T. Ayoub Dental Corporation offers children’s dental appointments in Bellflower, Downey, Lakewood, Cerritos, and all nearby communities. Through a client care approach and procedure that specifically relate to kids, Dr. Ayoub helps your child develop a healthy smile and an attitude that encourages visiting the dentist throughout life. For more information about our dental services, call our practice and schedule a new appointment for your whole family today!

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