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At Ayoub Dental, we employ a wide range of surgical instruments to perform a versatile range of dental procedures. The surgical instruments that we use are all high-end and help in easily and successfully manipulating, restoring and removing the structures present in the oral cavity. Our dental instruments include:

1. Anesthetic syringe

An anesthetic syringe is used to inject anesthesia into a patient' body. It comprises a breech-loading syringe fitted with a sealed cartridge that contains an anesthetic solution. Anesthesia helps relieve dental anxiety and fear.

2. Surgical aspirators

Medical aspirators are used during surgical procedures to perform suction in order to remove mucus, blood, or other bodily fluids from a patient's oral cavity.

3. Dental elevators

A dental elevator is used during tooth extraction to loosen the tooth in its socket by moving it to and fro. It frees the tooth from the periodontal ligament and allows the dentist to extract it easily. Elevation creates space and prevents damage to neighboring tissues and teeth. 

4. Scalpel

A scalpel is a surgical instrument with an extremely sharp blade and is used during surgeries to make cuts in the soft tissues and gums present in the oral cavity. Scalpels are made from carbon or medical grade stainless steel. E.g. Gum grafting.

5. Bone chisel

A bone chisel is an instrument with an extremely sharp blade and is used during surgical procedures to excise bone. E.g. Bone grafting.

6. Bone file

A bone file is a surgical instrument used to remove tiny spicules of bones present in narrow exposed areas in the oral cavity. It is rounded in shape and easily navigates between soft tissues and only removes bone that needs to be scraped off.

7. Bone tamper

A bone tamper is a 7mm wide dental instrument used to separate the sinus window from surrounding bone during lateral sinus lift procedures. It measures 6.3" wide and is fabricated from surgical grade stainless steel.

8. Bone packer

A bone packer is a surgical instrument used during bone grafting procedure to condense bone. It has two working ends, 6mm and 8mm wide each.

9. A Jovanovic bone scoop

A Jovanovic bone scoop is a dental instrument used to carry graft material during grafting procedures.

10. Cortical bone clamp

The cortical bone clamp features a notched tip and ratcheting locking mechanism to hold bone grafts secure during grafting procedures. It is 7.3" long and is made of medical-grade stainless steel.

11. Labanca bone curette

A Labanca bone curette is used to carry bone for grafting procedures and measures 7mm wide. It features a large diameter Satin Steel handle for increased comfort and control and is fabricated using surgical grade stainless steel.

12. Bone crusher

A bone crusher is also used during grafting procedures and creates approximately 2mm particles of bone for grafting purposes.

13. Scalers or curettes

A curette or scaler is used to remove plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of teeth and below the gum line. It is used for periodontal scaling, calculus debridement, and root planing.

14. Forceps

Forceps are used along with elevators to extract teeth. Forceps have beaks that fit around the cervical portion of the dental crown and force is applied along the handle to uproot the tooth.

15. Surgical scissors

Surgical scissors are used during surgical dental procedures to cut through tissues present in the oral cavity. They have sharp blades and are fabricated from very hard stainless steel for ongoing toughness. 

16. Suture scissors

Suture scissors or mayo scissors are used for suture removal. These have a small hook-like tip on one blade that easily slips under sutures to slightly lift them before cutting for removal. Suture scissors are fabricated using medical grade stainless steel or titanium.

At Ayoub Dental we employ the practices of modern dentistry to systematically repair damage and enhance the appearance of your smile. We design a custom plan for each patient to meet their individual requirements. For further doubts and queries, book an appointment with us or visit our office today.

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